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Roofing | Van Sant Construction - Watertown, NY

Some would argue that the roofing is the most important aspect of your home – one you don’t realize until rainwater starts seeping into drywall on your ceiling. Shingles that are peeling up or have blown away present a threat from the plywood that makes up your roof, to the insulation that fills your attic, and potentially to the carpet lining your bedroom.

Van Sant Construction has been performing roofing repairs in Watertown, NY since the 1920s and has experience with the cedar shake and asphalt shingles of times past, as well as the modern metal roofs that are so popular in current times. A new roof can increase the energy efficiency of your home, add curb appeal with elegant new shingles and improve the market value of your property.

One thing to remember about replacing a home’s roof is that it’s better to be proactive with the service. Many times, shingles fall into the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ mantra, but strong winds can tear off significant parts of a worn roof. This is not only a threat to the components of your home, but flying shingles can cause damage to cars and neighbors’ homes as well.

If you’d like, Van Sant Construction can physically climb onto your roof to get a bird’s eye view of the wear and tear. Together we can work out a replacement roofing strategy that fits both your tastes and budget. One thing you can always count on from us is that we work with your best interest in mind and will be honest and forthright with our assessment of your roof damage.