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Remodeling | Van Sant Construction - Watertown, NY

There will come a time when your home simply needs a new splash of life. However, remodeling is much more than giving the house a new look. Based on the type of remodeling performed, the market value of the home can increase immensely while also improving the comfort of living. At Van Sant Construction, we have experience in everything from minor facelifts such as refinishing kitchen cabinet doors to full-scale projects like turning an unfinished basement into a man cave.

The term remodeling is a vast one, which aptly describes our services. For the exterior, applying new siding or building a deck are remodeling projects that offer a significant return on investment. Working your way to the inside of a house, constructing a home office or just widening a kitchen or dining room greatly improves your quality of living.

There’s another aspect of remodeling, and this one will make your house more energy efficient. Replacing old windows with new energy rated ones provides an instant difference in the warmth and coolness of your house along with lower utility bills. A bathroom remodel that includes installing appliances that use less water will also provide significant savings.

If you’d like to examine the remodeling options available to you in more detail, feel free to give us a call. At Van Sant Construction, we take immense pride in our work and your house becomes our canvas to create another masterpiece. We involve you in the entire remodeling process so that you have a voice in the initial design, the detailed demolition, the reconstruction and putting on the finishing touches to ensure your full satisfaction.

It would truly be a pleasure to remodel homes for our Watertown, NY neighbors.