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Additions - Add Value

Additions | Van Sant Construction - Watertown, NY

Additions to the home in Watertown, NY are great because they serve a twofold process – increase the quality of life in a home while at the same time boosting market value. Any realtor will tell you that increasing living space lights up the eyes of potential buyers. Even if you don’t intend on selling soon, you and your family and guests can enjoy more freedom to roam within the home.

One misconception about additions is that they always involve significant expansion of the square footage of the home.

That’s not always the case and these projects provide significant return on investment (ROI) without breaking the bank:

Bathroom Addition - A 6’ X 8’ bathroom can easily be added on to the home by pouring a concrete slab and adding an opening in an exterior wall. The roof will then usually need to be tied in but the extra convenience of a second toilet, sink and shower is immeasurable.

Sunroom - Sunroom additions are an extremely popular place to meditate, read, and entertain friends. 200 square feet is typically all that’s needed for the extra room.

Garage - Sometimes the addition doesn’t even need to be attached to the home. A 26 X 26 foot two-car garage offers an incredible return on investment and is a great convenience as well as protection for vehicles and equipment.

At Van Sant Construction, we specialize in all sizes and types of home additions as part of our general contracting service. We have performed family room additions, bedroom additions and even adding second or third stories to a home. Contact us to get a more detailed idea of what each project entails and what type of additions would be ideal for your home.